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Sonam Tripathi is a successful professional in Indian Fashion works at Clovia. She believes that every woman is beautiful, in a fashion which carries vibrant.


A woman’s body is one of the most beautiful creations of God and when you have been bestowed such a beautiful creation you must take good care of it. Cherish it, pamper it and adorn it with beautiful clothes to celebrate it. When you take care of yourself it instills a sense of confidence in you which reflects in your demeanor and your body language. You exude confidence which rubs off on people around you and that is one of the best ways to go about with your day.

When we say good clothes, we not only mean the outerwear that everyone around us can see but also the innerwear you see during the day and your partner at night. When you are wearing comfortable and well-fitting lingerie it makes your clothes look even better on you and give you a good silhouette. Lingerie not only includes your bra which gives your breasts an appealing look but also your panty which keeps your bottom in good shape and makes your pants look good on your butt. You wouldn’t want unwanted bulges showing from all sides of the panty lines and seams. It is a fashion faux pas to wear ill-fitting ladies underwear that makes you keep fidgeting in them all day. Its time you revamp your panty drawer to include stuff that is meant for your body.

You already own a good stock of regular briefs for your everyday wear but this should not stop you from buying quirky prints and designs in them. If you have been wearing solid colors till now, shift to floral and if you have been on the florals, shift to leopard prints. If you keep changing the styles of your outerwear, you need to do the same for your humble panty too.

Hipster panties are quite a rage today among women because of their functionality and style factor combined. They are available in both mid-rise and high rise style and do the job of keeping your lower tummy baby fat in check. You can get cotton hipsters for yourself or buy ones that come in a mix of cotton with lace or mesh. On days when you are in a playful mood, you can even bring out the little girl in you by wearing a power puff girl hipster!

The diva in you is waiting to be unleashed and you can do so by dressing yourself up in some sexy yet comfortable bikini panties. You can have bikini panties in cotton and you can have lace panties. Go for cotton ones for your daily wear when you want to keep the moisture at bay. Maintaining hygiene down below is also a very important part of self-care and choosing cotton panties when you have to wear them for longer hours is one way to do it. The other obvious way is to keep your panties clean and wash them regularly.

Why should boys have all the fun when you have the boyshorts? At Clovia, you will find a good collection of all these panty designs and styles including the boyshorts. Get boyshorts in cotton with cute prints like polka dots and stars. Boyshorts let you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Pick up a pair in lace in black color at Clovia and you can wear them at the office and also at night during your passionate moments. Another piece that you can go in for your intimate moments, along with the sexy lace panties, is a pair of garters that you will find in sexy colors like red and black at Clovia.

Go ahead and wear what you feel everyday by buying panties that match your mood every day.

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